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IntelliGolf is Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software
for the Palm and Treo handhelds, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia smartphones

February 19, 2017
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Golf's #1 Scoring, Wagering and GPS Software™
in 125+ Countries Worldwide!

Special: Starting at $3.99*

I purchased IntelliGolf Birdie edition, downloaded it, and immediately took it out on the course. I didn't spend much time familiarizing myself with the program, but I found that it was a snap to use. You have done a fine job of making the interface easy to use with no wasted keying (tapping) motions.

This morning I sync'd with the desktop software and I was impressed all over again. I checked out the statistics, the total scores, etc. It is perfect for my needs and I don't even use the betting games that come with the program. It is well worth the price.

  -Ron Bremer More player quotes

Premium Features @ Value Prices
Access 27,000+ Courses Free
without Membership Fees*
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The ONLY golf software to include all 7 S's of golf!

• Scoring,
 • Statistics,
  • Sidegames,
   • Shot tracking,
    • Signature courses,
      • Sharing of Rounds &
        • Satellite GPS all-in-one. FREE* in-revision updates!

Improve your game and have more fun.

Awarded "Best Product of the Year" IntelliGolf includes all of the features you will need to improve your game, increase your winnings, and have more fun on the golf course. It is easy to use, quick to learn, and is as versatile as your golf game! Click here to listen to a CNET overview on IntelliGolf. Or, click on the IntelliGolf Video box (upper left column) to watch ING's overview on the IntelliGolf software.

It's advanced IntelliGolf Technology ("Intellogy") makes it perfect for use on Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, HP, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm and other popular smartphones.

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OS 10
OS 5-7
Series 60
Pocket PC
   Palm OS
or Treo

iPhone, Windows Mobile 7 & 8, and Tablet updates:
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IntelliGolf includes FREE* in-revision access to the IntelliGolf worldwide course database plus FREE* in-revision software updates. What could be better! That will save you up to $59.95 per year in annual membership fees and/or $19.95 per course download as compared to other golf products. Access to thousands of signature course scorecards are included with hole-by-hole yardages, par ratings, hole handicaps, and course specifics (e.g. GPS coordinates). Plus, course downloads are only 5-8Kb in size as compared to 400,000 bytes for other products. IntelliGolf saves you time, money and memory. IntelliGolfer Joe Buchberger enters his score on his handheld device.

* Special IntelliGolf software pricing is only available for a LIMITED TIME. IntelliGolf, Inc., reserves the right to modify its products and prices at any time.

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