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IntelliGolf Replacement Software

We understand that you are an "existing and valued" IntelliGolf customer that has either:

1) lost your original IntelliGolf software (i.e. hard drive or smartphone crash), or
2) are changing PCs and/or operating systems, and/or platforms, and/or products, or
3) did not make a back-up copy of the full IntelliGolf sofware version as recommended, or
4) have a much older unsupported version (v8.x or earlier) of the IntelliGolf software that can no longer be upgraded.

As your original IntelliGolf software included a unique registration code that was specific to your device and PC/operating system, if any of the above listed items are true, then unfortunately your IntelliGolf software is lost and/or cannot be upgraded or re-installed. As such, you will need to purchase a new original version of the IntelliGolf software with a new registration code (included). You can do that by clicking here. The good news is that it's on Special :-)

Note: For older smartphones (e.g. Palm, Blackberry, Nokia, etc) and Windows-based PCs, you will want the IntelliGolf "Legacy Pro Bundle" software. It includes the IntelliGolf smartphone/handheld software, the Windows-based desktop software and IntelliGolf synchronization software all-in-one! For Android-based smartphones and Windows-based PCs you will want the IntelliGolf for Android smartphone software and the IntelliGolf Birdie edition desktop companion software. Together, these products will let you syncronized your smartphone-collected rounds, courses and players to your Windows-based PC via your wireless router. Have a Great Round!

Rounds, courses, and Players database recovery. If you are "changing PCs" and would like instructions on how to move your existing IntelliGolf rounds, courses, and players database (DB) from your old PC to your new PC, please click here to read more about recovering your existing IntelliGolf database (i.e. assuming that it exists and is useable).

IMPORTANT. After downloading and installing IntelliGolf, please make a back-up copy of the IntelliGolf (.msi or .exe) files and store them in a safe place. You will be reminded to do this again when installing the IntelliGolf products. We hope that you'll never need to use your back-up copy. But, it's better to be safe!

Have a Great Round!