IntelliGolf FAQs and Common Support Questions

Most Ask Question: For the IntelliGolf for Android smartphone software, how do I get to the Menu options screen and to the GPS-based course maps screen?

Answer: After installing and starting the IntelliGolf for Android software (i.e. Play), press your smartphone's Menu button (at any time) for a list of IntelliGolf options. That includes things like downloading a course, adding players, resuming a round, shot tracking, synchronizing, settings, exit, et cetera. On newer smartphones (e.g. S5, S7, etc) press and hold the bottom right (Recent) key or press the two outside buttons at the same time to get to the Menu options screen. To view GPS-based course maps for any/all courses (via Google Maps) tap on the GPS icon in the lower left corner of the scoring screen. Then, tap on the Map icon in the upper left corner of the "IntelliGolf - Distances" screen :-) Have a Great Round!

Note: In Android 7.x it appears that Google has once again changed the way the folks get to the Menu options :-( We are looking into this now. If you have found a temporary workaround to this new problem, you can email us at and we will share your findings with everyone while we work on a permanent solution. Thank you in advance!

Prior to contacting IntelliGolf's PPI Support Team (Step IV below) please perform Steps I, II and III. That usually answers over 99% of customer support questions.

Step I. Please ensure that you are running the most current version of the IntelliGolf software: Version 11.56 for the IntelliGolf for Android software and Version 10.2 for all other platforms (e.g. BB, Nokia, etc). Upgrades can be found by clicking here. Installation and user instructions can be found via our Quick Start Tours by clicking here.

Step II. If Step I did not solve your issue, please review our "Frequently Asked Questions" (by detailed category), or "Quick Start Tours" (i.e. for set-up, installation, and user instructions). Please click on the links below to be redirected to these web pages.

Frequently Asked Questions - Detailed by Platform

Quick Start Tours - Installation and User Instructions

Step III. If Steps I and II did not solve your issue, please ensure that you are running the latest IntelliGolf-compatible version of your smartphone/handheld's desktop and device operating system software. Please visit your manufacturer's or carrier's web page to locate the latest IntelliGolf-compatible software/firmware updates for your device and desktop system.

If after performing Steps I, II, and III (above), the IntelliGolf software is still not working properly with your particular device then you might consider contacting us via our Pay-Per-Incident (PPI) Support System in Step IV (below).

Step IV. Pay-Per-Incident Support. For those customers that would like personal assistance with your issue our Pay-Per-Incident (PPI) Telephone or Email Support System is now set-up for use during normal business hours/days. If performing Steps I-III (above) did not answer your question(s), you now have the ability to talk or email with one of our senior support representatives via our PPI Support System on Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm PST. The cost is $29.99 per incident*. You have the option of purchasing one, two, or three support incidents depending upon the number of questions that you have for our Support personnel. Please note that our Support personnel will only address the number of Support Incidents (i.e. questions) that you have purchased (below).

Note: We do not provide PPI Support, services or software to residents of Texas, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan. Sorry.

While a PayPal account is preferred, you do not need to have a PayPal account to use our PPI Telephone Support system. PayPal's "Guest Account" feature will let you pay using your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card. Simply click on the "Buy Now" button below for PayPal. Place your PPI support order and enter your contact information. Within 24 hours (usually much sooner) Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm PST (California, USA time), one of our Support representatives will call or email you (i.e. provided that you entered your full telephone number including country code, area code, and phone number and email address) to assist with your question. Please note that it is always best to first check/use our "FREE" support services including our FAQs and Product Tours. These typically address over 99% of our support inquiries.

Please make sure to enter your "full telephone number" (i.e. including "country code") when requesting PPI Telephone Support.

Personal Incident Support - Telephone

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* IntelliGolf defines a support incident as a specific, discrete issue that can be addressed by isolating its origin to a single cause. IntelliGolf, in its sole discretion, will determine what constitutes a support incident. Questions that span, incur, or cover multiple support incidences will require the purchase of multiple Pay-Per-Incident support orders. A support incident has reached resolution when the customer receives one of the following:

  • Information that resolves the issue;
  • Three (3) unreachable phone calls to you;
  • Information on how to obtain a software solution that will resolve the issue;
  • Notice that the issue is caused by a known, documented, unresolved issue or an incompatibility issue with the product;
  • Information that identifies the issue as being resolved by upgrading to a newer release of the supported product;
  • Notice that the issue has been identified as a hardware equipment or software issue;
  • Information that isolates issue to a third-party product, or
  • Over 30 minutes spent (cumulative) on any one incident.
  • Have a Great Round!

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