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IntelliGolf Wireless Course Downloads

If you own a wireless-enabled handheld/smartphone, and have data access to the Internet, and are running our latest in-revision IntelliGolf software, you should be able to download golf course essentials (e.g. par ratings, handicap values, yardages, etc) from the IntelliGolf website directly to your handheld/smartphone.

Palm device screen shots
IntelliCourse Screen 1.
The IntelliGolf Course Locator allows you to search wirelessly for any course in the IntelliGolf database of over 27,000+ courses. Now you can download courses directly to your wireless (data-enabled) handheld or smartphone by simply searching for it by name. It's easy with IntelliGolf!

On Palm OS devices, choose the IntelliCourse program icon on the "home" screen.

On other smartphones, choose the Download Course item on the Commands menu.

IntelliCourse Screen 2.
Once a course is found simply click on it and it will be downloaded to your computer.
IntelliCourse Screen 3..
The course will be downloaded and imported into your device.
Golf Course Details.
Once the course is downloaded it is available in the list of courses on your device.