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IntelliGolf Handicap

IntelliGolf calculates an IntelliGolf Handicap. This is not an offical USGA handicap, nor does it use the USGA formula. It is, however, a good measure of your ability and can be used with confidence in your sidegame wagering. To see a sample handicap report, click here.

In practical use an IntelliGolf Handicap will be within a stroke or two of a Handicap Index issued by the USGA. If you are interested in establishing an offical handicap, we encourage you to become a member of a local club.

The IntelliGolf Handicap is calculated using the best 10 rounds from the last 20 rounds. The number of strokes over 72 (average par for most courses) is then averaged from those 10 rounds and multiplied by 90%. If there are less then 20 total rounds then 1/2 of the rounds are used in the calculation.

We have worked diligently with the USGA to obtain the rights to license their Handicap System Formulas for use in the IntelliGolf product line. On March 12, 1999 we, and a variety of other companies, were notified by the USGA that it had officially decided "not to grant any new licenses for the use of its Handicap System Formula in products designed to allow individuals to monitor their USGA Handicap Indexes. Accordingly, the Handicap Department has determined that permitting its Formulas to be used for monitoring purposes has not helped to promote a clear understanding about the USGA Handicap System, and in fact may have caused confusion amongst the public as to how to obtain an official USGA Handicap Index."

The words above were sent in a letter to many requesting companies (from USGA) after a California Court of Appeal upheld a lower court judgment enjoining Arroyo Software Corporation for misappropriating the USGA's Handicap System Formulas. Below are some excepts from a USGA's press release:
On January 26, 1999, a California Court of Appeal upheld a lower court judgment permanently enjoining Arroyo Software Corporation (Arroyo) from misappropriating the USGA's Handicap System Formulas and infringing its associated service marks. The lower court ruled that the USGA's mathematical formulas are protected under state misappropriation laws and the USGA's service marks are protected under federal trademark laws. The Court of Appeal unanimously affirmed the lower court's judgment in all respects.

The USGA Handicap System requires that golfers post scores for peer review, and that only golf clubs as defined by the USGA and authorized amateur golf associations (through their member clubs) are permitted to issue Handicap Indexes, and they may do so only if the Handicap Indexes have been computed and issued in accordance with the USGA Handicap System.

Unfortunately it appears that the USGA has been put into the position of having to protect its USGA Handicap Index Formula rights, based upon Arroyo's misappropriation activities, and thus is no longer granting the use of these Formulas. While we are disappointed by the USGA's official stance, we clearly understand why they have been forced into taking this position. As always, we encourage IntelliGolf users to obtain an official USGA Handicap Index and participate in the many exciting golf activities in your local area.

We will continue to work with the USGA to represent your interests with IntelliGolf and truly appreciate your support!

If you would like more information about the USGA, visit their web page at www.usga.org, or if you would like specific information about USGA handicaps visit www.usga.org/handicap.