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IntelliGolf Signature Courses

Palm device screen shots
Notes Screen.
IntelliGolf provides the ability to keep personalized notes for each hole on a course, for the whole course, for the round, or for your own personal swing notes. The course notes will appear every time you play the same course again and your swing notes will appear every time you play.

Hole notes provide a convenient way to annotate every hole with information about club selection and strategies for different course and weather conditions.

IntelliGolf provides access to 27,000+ signature course scorecards in the IntelliCourse™ database. Using a scorecard from the database saves you from entering hole information at the course and makes round setup a breeze.
If you own the Birdie or Eagle edition software you can download courses to your Windows desktop from the Internet and synchronize them to your handheld/smartphone. Click here to access the database.
If someone at the course already has the scorecard on their smartphone/handheld, they can beam it to you.
If you have wireless access to the Internet from your handheld/smartphone, you can download the scorecard directly to your device. Just click on the IntelliCourse progam icon and use the screens shown below to search for and download the course.

IntelliCourse IntelliCourse

I think the program is a great tool. Sure impresses my golf mates! Just wish my golf was of the same standard as IntelliGolf!
  -Jim MacPherson More player quotes