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IntelliGolf Shot Tracking

IntelliGolf makes it easy to track shot distances for your Drive, Fairway, Approach, Chip, and first and second Putt distancs. Recording information about these important shots, and then reviewing your shot statistics in the IntelliGolf desktop software, can help you improve your game. You may choose to track as little or as much information as you like for up to five players in your group.

The sections below show how to track these shots. The shot tracking screen comes up when you tap on the box in the "flagstick" column in the score entry screen. The screen shots below are from our Palm OS products, but all platforms look generally the same.

P.S. You can also track your shots using GPS with our Eagle and Eagle GPS Option software and a compatible GPS receiver or GPS-enabled smartphone.

Shot Tracking Screen.
This screen is where you enter the information about your tee shot. Enter the club used, the distance you hit it, and the result. The result can be you hit the fairway or green, or you missed right/left and/or short/long (you can select both a missed direction and missed distance).

If you want to calculate the distance of your drive given the distance to the green, enter the distance to the green and then tap on the Hole length - Length button.

Player Score Screen.
Fairway shots are from the fairway and outside the range of hitting the green (e.g. 2nd and 3rd shots on par 5's or long par 4's). Enter the club used, the distance, and the result. If you're lucky and hit the green, just record that it landed on the fairway, or change it to an approach shot.
Player Score Screen.
An approach shot is your first shot from a distance greater than 50 yards/meters and you are attempting to land on the green. Enter the club used, the distance, and the result.

If you previously filled in a drive distance, IntelliGolf will automatically fill in your approach shot distance.

Statistics, Totals Screen.
A chip shot is your first shot from 50 yards/meters or less. Enter the club used, the distance, and the result. If the shot was from a greenside bunker, tap on the bunker shot checkbox.

If you holed out after one chip and one putt, tap on the Save / up & down to record an "up and down" or "sand save". If you record a chip shot that landed on the green in this screen and close it, and then record 1 putt in the hole entry screen later, the save will be automatically recorded for you.

Statistics, Averages Screen.
Try to record the distance of the first putt for every hole. The IntelliGolf desktop software uses this information, in conjuction with how many putts you take, to generate valuable putting statistics. An easy way to calculate the distance for your putts is to walk off the distance from your ball to the hole and multiply by 3. When the distance is too long to do this quickly, just walk half way to the hole and then multiply by 6.

BTW - Did you know that most amateurs miss their putts short and/or below the cup? Pro's miss their putts long and above the cup. Why - that gives their putts the chance to go in. With IntelliGolf's new Putt Analyzer (desktop) feature you will quickly be able to spot your putting trends. Since putts account for about 40% of your stokes, improving your putting means lowering your scores.

Based on feedback from IntelliGolf players and golf instructors, we will continue to improve the information we tell you about your game. Collecting this information for every one of your rounds today will establish a database of your shot tendencies that may be even more valuable in the future.

It is the best golf software out there. It reduced my handicap by 4 1/2 strokes in two months.
  -David Harbour More player quotes