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IntelliGolf Distance Calculator

Palm device screen shots
Distance Calculator Screen.

IntelliGolf includes a Distance Calculator to help you determine the distance to the green and your drive distances. You calibrate it by noting how many steps it takes you to pace off 10 yards or meters and then record that number in the steps field.

To bring up the Distance Calculator, press the 3rd Application button (the one that normally brings up the To Do List) on the connected organizer.

To use the Distance Calculator, press one of the scroll buttons near the bottom of the connected organizer for each step you take. Next, tap whether you paced "from" or "to" the distance mark, and select which marker you used (e.g. 150). If you paced from a distance marker other than that shown (e.g. sprinkler head), check X and enter the distance in the field provided. IntelliGolf will then calculate how far it is to the green and how far from the tee. You can conveniently assign the distance from the tee as your drive distance or for any of the players in your foursome.

Preferences Screen.

You can program which button brings up the distance calculator in the Preferences screen.