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IntelliGolf Product Line-Up

The IntelliGolf sofware comes in four (4) primary versions depending upon your needs and price range.

1) IntelliGolf Premium edition for Android (smartphone software);
2) IntelliGolf Birdie edition (Windows desktop "add-on" for Android);
3) IntelliGolf Legacy Pro Bundle edition (supports older smartphones + Windows desktops), and
4) IntelliGolf Desktop edition (Windows standalone software. No smartphone support).

The chart below provides a summary of the many features included in each IntelliGolf software product.
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On course GPS support    
Smartphone GPS chip compatible*    
On course scoring for 1 to 5 golfers    
Ergonomic design: one screen tap enters a player's strokes or putts    
Unlimited** number of rounds, players, and courses    
Golfers can play from different tees (e.g. mens and womens)    
Record putts, fairways driven, drive distance, sandsaves, and penalty strokes    
Remembers which clubs are in your bag, including hybrid clubs    
View on course statistics for any player      
Smartphone Putting Stats for any player      
Wireless/OTA*** course downloads    
Automatically scores popular side games    
Automatically calculates a course handicap from your USGA Handicap Index    
On course distance calculator    
Automatically tracks who has honors    
Post screen makes it easier to submit your scores to your golf organization    
Android, Java, Platinum and Windows Mobile Certified    
Mobile user interface design optimization    
Enhanced color and screen-size support    
Keep notes by hole, course, and round      
Track shot statistics for drive, fairway, approach, chip, first putt, and second putt     
Synchronize rounds, players, and courses to/from Smartphone to Windows PC    
Easily enter rounds from paper scorecards using Round Wizard  
Print blank scorecards with hole notes and room to record statistics  
View and print realistic scorecards for any rounds played  
View and print round statistics  
View and print trend graphs and charts  
View and print dream/dread round scorecard  
View and print an IntelliGolf Handicap report  
Download course essentials (e.g. hole pars) from the IntelliGolf Website  
Upload course essentials to the IntelliGolf Web site to share with other golfers  
Exchange rounds, courses, and players with other IntelliGolf users  
Export round data to spreadsheets and databases  
Save scorecards as a web page  
Save statistics as a web page  
Save handicap report as a web page  
* Requires compatible GPS chip/receiver ** Subject to device memory. *** Requires wireless smartphone access to the Internet

Note: If you originally purchased the smartphone software (only) you can purchase the Birdie Desktop edition "add-on" software (later) to create the full Eagle "Pro" bundle. The majority of our customers add the Birdie edition software.

* The IntelliGolf version 11.x software is a "one time" in-revision purchase. Software updates and course downloads are FREE (i.e. no membership fees required) for our current IntelliGolf in-revision version 11.x users. Pricing, updates, and course downloads and subject to change. Please click here for more information.

IntelliGolf eStore